"My joy is your anguish. My courage is your fear. My path to victory lies within your mind." -Prince Arannis Shanairra

Identity Edit


Source: Psionic. Ardents are spiritual warriors whose thoughts swirl about them to infect their enemies with doubt and fill their allies with confidence.

Role: Leader. Adents fill their allies with the will to fight and the clarity of purpose needed for victory. When they attack, they loose thoughts that intensify emotions and lay bare truths.

Implement: None.

History Edit

Those who let their base emotions rule them invite madness and destruction. Prolonged feelings of fear, greed, lust, or hatred can weaken the mind's defenses against manipulation. Wielding psionic power, you excite such emotions in your enemies, creating gaps in their defenses and frustrating their attacks, all while filling your allies with encouraging thoughts and guarding them against despair and other negative emotions.

Ardents rarely learn their art through formal training. In many ways, they are incidental leaders, having stumbled onto psionic power at some point earlier in their lives. How they discovered their psionic talent can shape how they wield that power going forward. They might have awakened to their talent in the heat of battle, experiencing a mental breakthrough that allowed them to augment their attacks by rending their enemies' minds. Or their friends might reflect their power when their mood bleeds into theirs, altering their emotional states to match their own. Regardless of the revelation, they learned to harness this power to support their fighting prowess and to guide their allies to victory.

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