"Everything the gods need to say to you can be said with my weapon." -Kuori

Identity Edit


Source: Divine. Avengers practice mysteries forgotten or forbidden by most religious orders, yet the power they wield is a gift from their gods.

Role: Striker. Avengers' oaths bring divine wrath upon the enemies of their gods. With methodical devastation, they eliminate one foe at a time.

Implement: Holy symbols.

History Edit

In secret temples far from bustling cities and priestly hierarchies, orders of esoteric warriors train their initiates in ancient traditions now forgotten or forbidden by most religious organizations. The champions of these orders are avengers - deadly weapons in the hands of their gods, imbued with divine power through secret rites of initiation. In battle, avengers swear to execute divine vengeance, entering a mental state that gives them unerring focus on a single enemy.

An avenger is trained in a monastery, initiated through secret rites, and imbued with the power to smite their gods' foes. They might be disciples of Ioun, sworn to hunt and exterminate the minions of Vecna until they one day face the Maimed God. They could be agents of the Raven Queen, bringing death to those who would defy their mistress. Or perhaps they serve Bahamut as agents of justice, bringing ruin to tyrants and oppressors. The organizations devoted to their gods might view them as heretics or a heroes, but avengers answer only to their gods and to the vows they swore upon their initiation.

Where those vows will lead is unknown. One thing is certain; doing the will of the gods is never easy and never free of peril.

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