" 'Oh great, powerful, mighty Avernus,

Lord of the deep, dark, unseen places,

Should this sacrifice find favor with thee,

Grant unto me thine legacy.' " -Found carved into an ancient bloodstained altar



Race: Kalashtar, Spellscarred

Class: Wizard

Affiliation: Wizards of the Spire, Order of the Blue Fire


First apprentice to Count Grodd, Wizard of the Spire, and an exceptional blood mage himself, Vergil Lucan was the victim of magic experimentation, and when he seemed to perish, he became the vessel of the Spellplague. Fleeing the Spire and going north to the Vilhon Wilds in Alluria, Avernus learned to control the terrible power that spread from his blood. In time, he learned to shape flesh, stone, magic, space, and even time itself through this unprecedented power. Avernus corrupted the wilds, twisting the people and making them extensions of his will.

The Ormpetarr cavern became the center of what the rest of Alluria called the Plaguelands. In Ormpetarr, Avernus built the Changing House, a mockery of the Spire he once called home. Here, he worked tirelessly, convinced that the power the Spellplague granted him could manifest in his Plaguechanged servants. Finally, with the sorcerer Wuunferth, Avernus succeeded. By combining the secrets of the Spire with blood magic and the Spellplague, Avernus inflicted on Wuunferth a Spellscar. 

Avernus set about gathering numerous Spellscarred servants, naming them the Masters of Absolute Accord, the first of the Order of the Blue Fire. These Blue Fire Accordants went out into the Empire of Bael Turath, taking with them their 'gift,' Avernus' legacy, the Spellplague. Avernus would confront the man who gave him his power, Count Grodd, once more. Grodd, Silver, and Darus Falkrunn were investigating rumors of the Spellplague.