"The clash of blades, a note.

A battle fought, a verse.

The hero’s war, a song." -Khazar

Identity Edit


Source: Arcane. Bards channel magical power through words and music, studying long and hard to master the power contained in the lore and sagas of old.

Role: Leader. Bards' spells inspire and invigorate their allies.

Implement: Wands.

History Edit

Bards are artists first and foremost, and they practice magic just as they practice song, drama, or poetry. They have a clear sense of how people perceive reality, so they master charm magic and some illusions. Sagas of great heroes are part of a bard’s repertoire, and most bards follow the example of many fables and become skilled in a variety of fields. A bard’s artistic ability, knowledge of lore, and arcane might are widely respected, particularly among the world’s rulers.

Art and magic share a sublime beauty, and bards seek the place where the two meet. They might be naturally talented wanderers who cast impressive spells almost instinctively, students of bardic colleges who learned ordered systems of magic and epic poetry, warrior skalds who mix skill-at-arms with thundering music, dashing performers known for putting on a good show even for their enemies, or perfectionists who seeks the consummate formula that blends art and magic into a higher force.

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