"Magic and steel are a fool’s weapons, for no attack will ever breach the armor of my mind." -Prince Arannis Shanairra

Identity Edit


Source: Psionic. Battleminds are psionic warriors. Weapon masters who combine physical might and cunning intellect.

Role: Defender. Battleminds are tough and fast, while their mastery of psionic magic allows them to outwit their foes.

Implement: None.

History Edit

As wanderers, mercenaries, and adventurers, battleminds are carefree warriors who seek only to test their skill against the mightiest and most dangerous opponents. Battleminds possess a potent combination of psionic and physical skill, allowing them to use their magic to manipulate and deceive their foes even as their fighting skill lets them carve a swath through enemy ranks. Battleminds tend to be bold and sometimes arrogant, an attitude earned through bringing ruin to enemies over the course of many conflicts. 

Some may not share their fellow battleminds' arrogance, but they do have access to an array of combat abilities that let them manipulate, baffle, and defeat their enemies. Their mind is as deadly as their weapon, and with the aid of their psionic magic. Their body can turn aside attacks as effectively as a suit of plate armor can. Let those who would stand against a their might quiver in terror when they approach, for they are battleminds, and supremacy in combat is their birthright. 

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