"Have courage, my friends! The gods favor us today!" -Amgetoll Ivo

Identity Edit


Source: Divine. Clerics have been invested with the authority to wield divine power on behalf of a deity, faith, or philosophy.

Role: Leader. Clerics lead by shielding allies with their prayers, healing, and using powers that improve their allies’ attacks.

Implement: Holy symbols.

History Edit

Clerics are mortal followers of the gods who seek to protect what their god loves and battle against the things their god reviles. They blast foes with magical prayers, bolster and heal companions, and lead the way to victory with a mace in one hand and a holy symbol in the other. Clerics run the gamut from humble servants of the common folk to ruthless enforcers of evil gods.

The choice of deity or deities to revere goes a long way toward defining clerics, or at least how other people in the world see them. They could be platinum-garbed envoys of Bahamut seeking justice throughout the land, shadowy followers of Sehanine with roguish streaks, burly disciples of Kord who believe the virtue of strength is sufficient for all challenges, or dwarven clerics of Moradin bringing honor to the denizens of their mountain homes.