"This backwoods village isn't worth the trouble!" -Grigore



DM: David

Preceeded by: Remnant

Succeeded by: Shadows Over Ravenloft


Beyond the Darkwoods and the Morkrut Marsh lies a small lumber village called Selhoff. To those who know of it, this pathetic spot on the map isn't worth noticing. To those who know it, Selhoff is bleak, dangerous, and desolate. Life here is brutal and short. That is, until five slaves, convicts, and beggars are hired by the Crimson Crows adventuring company to protect the village of Selhoff from the werewolves in the Darkwoods and the dragon in the Morkrut Marsh. What begins as a quest bound for doom quickly becomes these Crows last, best hope for honor, redemption, and perhaps even glory.