"There was a light, faint at first, but it grew to blind me. I heard this sound like paper or fabric tearing, and I felt myself being pulled apart. Every part of me was blown away, lost to the winds, but there was no pain. And then I blinked, and though the platform beneath me was familiar, the horizon ahead was not." -Rangrim



Maker: Garel-Kai

Material: Moonstone

Unique Attributes: Teleportation

Qualities Edit

A Cullis Gate acts as a permanent teleportation circle with a sigil sequence. A Cullis Gate can be used to cast the teleport spell without a component cost, simply by speaking the name of the destination, regardless of whether the user knows the spell. The destination of this teleport spell must be another Cullis Gate. Additionally, a Cullis Gate can be used as an implement to remove any material component cost to spells of the conjuration school.


The first Cullis Gate was built from moonstone deposited by the planar breach in Bhaerynden to the Far Realm. Archmage Garel-Kai, in the year 49,988 BC, originally intended to use it as a routing hub for circles of teleportation in the Spire, but he quickly learned that he could teleport from one Cullis Gate to any other without casting a single spell. Over the next eight years, the archmage built a Cullis Gate in every major city in the fledgling Empire of Bael Turath, allowing passengers and trade goods to move instantly across the lands.

During the War of Ruin, dragons of the Empire of Arkhosia captured a number of Cullis Gates and returned to Athas with them, allowing their dray and ssurran warriors to launch surprise attacks in every city at the same time. This led the wizards of the Spire to reroute all Cullis Gates through Sigil, the City of Doors, which quickly became the most hotly-contested battlefield of the war. By the ninth invasion, Cullis Gates were used by both empires almost exclusively to reach Sigil, to defend it from the other side.

Few Cullis Gates survived the Cataclysm, and those that did were lost and forgotten. Shielded from the Cataclysm, the Cullis Gates in Yunith remained in working condition, although the spell that protected the land also cut them off from Sigil, meaning that they could only be used to teleport to each other. Of the rare, surviving Cullis Gates, only four have been found; one is jealously protected by the twilight incanters of Allemantheia, another hidden in the mausoleum of Old Ascalon, a third was kept by the archmage of Bracada, and the last was forgotten in the ruins of Soldier's Peak.