"He's not just a gladiator. He's undefeated. He's a champion. That's the sort we want watching our backs." -Leorry



Race: Human

Class: Fighter

Affiliation: Leorry


Davven was a slave all his life. In his youth, he toiled in the mines, building a powerful body. However, when a taskmaster tried to take Davven's sister, the young man beat and killed him. Davven's owner had the sister executed, and sold Davven to a colosseum as punishment. The young man learned quickly, and though he faced fearsome beasts, veteran gladiators, and unnatural monsters, he never lost a fight.

In the year 49,985 AC, Davven was bought from the colosseum by the dwarven thief Leorry, who immediately freed him. Leorry offered Davven a job, protecting the dwarf and his mistress Marhana, as they journeyed into Eternia to steal the Athame. Davven, with nowhere else to go, accepted the job. 

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