"The light of her glance is warm, but her fixed stare blinds and burns." -Calexis


Homeland: Astral Sea


Devas are in fact all angelic souls contained within mortal bodies. These souls are reborn again and again, meaning that devas have access to the experiences of several lifetimes. These souls are obliged to fight against evil, though some stray from this path and are reborn in their next lives as rakshasas.

Devas are very capable mentally, both unusually perceptive and sharply intellectual, at least as compared to humans or elves. Devas have an innate resistance to both intense radiant and necrotic energies. Devas also have the ability to call on hidden memories of their past lives. Some devas have a number of other abilities as well. For instance, some devas regain the use of their wings for flight or innately relearn the Supernal language.

Devas are naturally refined and are drawn towards virtue, rather than vice or apathy. The typical deva is good, though few could be called meek. However, the danger of a deva falling to evil is far greater than that of most races. If a deva falls, they risk becoming a rakshasa and find it uncommonly hard to find their way back to the path of good. As such, most devas, in spite of finding it easier to be virtuous than most races, are taught to fight against the temptations of evil within their own souls constantly. Typically, most devas are born with an inclination towards good.

Because of their past lives, devas are driven to find new experiences and new lands. In spite of this strong drive for fresh experiences, most devas have few ambitions beyond living, loving, and inspiring good. Similarly, since devas serve the gods as immortal warriors, most devas find a subconscious urging towards a religious life and are typically devout worshipers of the gods.

In fact, nearly all are driven by a purpose of some sort, be it personal, external, or moral, and though they may stray from this purpose, few devas divert from it permanently. This singular drive, perhaps fueled by a deva’s immortality as well as the memories of goals left unfinished from previous lives, gives deva a sense of purpose and dedication unique to them. More than other races, devas stick to the goals they set and are direct and to the point, rarely waiting long before taking direct action. This drive becomes even more zealous for those who are aware that even death cannot ultimately stop them, driving devas in such a manner that can be both useful as well as dangerously obsessive. Fortunately, this zeal is often tempered by a deva’s moral compass. Deva emotions are invariably very intense, a fact which devas are generally open about as they feel that deception is unnatural.

In addition to their general striving towards a goal, devas all have an innate yearning for perfection, which they seek to work both in themselves and others. Devas believe that this is one of the purposes of rebirth, for each life to bring them closer. All devas believe that it is unwise to shy away from suffering or unpleasant experiences and that such ill helps them to smooth out their imperfections and send them along the proper path, while enhancing their compassion for others who similarly suffer. However, devas find it exceptionally difficult to stand back as others suffer.

Devas know all too well that they will lose any clear memories of the life they currently lead when they are reborn. This fact is one of the few things that devas truly dread, along with the possibility of becoming a rakshasa. However, few devas lack the courage to face death for the sake of others even with the possibility of this occurrence, feeling that the temporary loss of their self is a price worth paying to render good.

By the favor of the gods, some mortals may transcend mortality and join the angelic hosts. Their mortal flesh and blood are transformed into immortal substance; even though they still have their mortal appearances, their spirits shine inside their perfected bodies like blazing fires in crystal vessels. As an angel, they no longer age, and all the infirmities of mortality fall away. In time they learn to assume more and more of the appearance and powers of angels.

Because they were once mortal, they can resume their mortal appearances whenever they wish, hiding their immortal nature. This attribute makes them valuable servants, since they can go where other angels cannot; they often serve as spies or advise mortals on important matters without ever revealing their true nature.

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