"The gods and demons you fear and worship are as nothing to me!" -Norok



Homeland: Athas


The Dragons are an ancient Athasian race that dominated the mortal realm since time immemorial. Proud and aloof, they regard themselves as the world's first and only eternal race, and think of other races as mere tools meant to serve them. 

The early history of the Dragons is completely unknown, but their origin is traced to Io and Athas, just like the Dray. The Dragons developed the ability to communicate with and dominate the Dray to serve their purposes.

Eventually, the Dragons utilized the Dray to form the Arkhosian Empire in Athas, despite their immense size. Each race they encountered in the west was enthralled to serve them and provide tribute, and in return, the races were cared for and protected. With their dominance assured, Dragons considered themselves the world's eternal race. 

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