"Does this hall ever end? Are we there yet?" Eilthyra



Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Affiliation: The Order


The woman who would be remembered in history as the Hero of Modea was merely one of the many orphans left in the care of the temples of the Sovereign Host. The temples received and cared for hundreds of orphans and abandoned children every year, and the Order raised them to be temple armies; pious and zealous crusaders of the faith. Eilthyra was one such orphan, raised in the Temple of Kord in Modea. Eilthyra grew up studying the teachings of the Order, and learning to fight and defend the Turathi people. 

Eilthyra was one of the paladins of the Temple of Kord in Modea when the Arkhosians launched the first invasion. Eilthyra fought against the invading Arkhosian warriors, slowing the siege of the city. Commander Wilward and the Knight Protectors of Nerath responded quickly to support the paladins in Modea, though by the time they broke the siege in the First Battle of Modea, Eilthyra was the only surviving paladin.