"We are the chosen of Corellon, beloved of the gods and heirs to the realm. Our armies are the finest in creation; swift where our foes are lumbering, cultured where they are barbaric. Give no thought to failure, nor defeat – we are the Children of Tiandra and we shall prevail." -Shanairra



Homeland: Feywild


The Eladrin are tall, fair and slender in comparison to humans. They are almost physically flawless and rarely succumb to disease or mutation, and can live for hundreds, even thousands of years. They are usually seen as being arrogant, aloof, and overly concerned with beauty and art; a reputation which is not completely unfounded, for in return they generally view themselves as being superior to other races. Eladrin are a conservative warrior-aristocracy society with a deep understanding of magic and a highly developed arcane tradition.


The Eladrin psyche is both mystical and logical - a near perfect balance between the two. They have a strong influence of seeing the duality of things, and refuse to limit themselves to any one-sided view of things. They have a male and a female ruler, and the very characters in their language cannot mean one single thing, but represent many. Eladrin can be seen as emotional creatures, perceived by some as empathetic, as well as passionate about their chosen pursuits. Even so, they can also be rash when angered, and many Eladrin have a temper about them, with a great dislike to being wrong. They are extremely focused beings, and it is rumored that Eladrin may look at a painting for what seems to have been a single moment, and become so intrigued in every little detail of it, that they will lose track of time and a year will have passed after they finish. Even such interesting topics could take a thousand years to fully contemplate. With their exceptionally long life spans, in comparison to other mortals and even other fey, time is less important. Eladrin also have a great love of intrigue – they are a political race, and do enjoy the aspects of this quality to the fullest.

Highly adept in the schools of magic, arcana suffuses their everyday lives. Though it is not regarded as the only solution, it is used to improve the quality of nearly everything. For example, arcana will be used to strengthen the integrity of a building, and wards will protect it, as seen with the High Tower. They might also use it to execute the tedious tasks of life, such as sending messages. If it is indeed dire enough, Eladrin are not unknown to open portals to hasten letters to their destinations. This practice of lessening the stresses of life is particularly used by mages. As a race, Eladrin are extremely proud of their fey heritage, and make a concerted effort to maintain their lineage. Their name translates from the Elven language as 'sun elves' or 'children of noble birth.' For their part, the Eladrin argue that they are the most civilized race, an argument that even human scholars find difficult to refute.

House soldiers signify themselves with banners from their house, while the city army carries the banner of the city. This is done so that each house could claim credit if there are benefits to be won after the war. Each army has its own chain of command, which is headed by an eladrin noble such as a Bralani or Ghaele. This means that an eladrin force is actually made up of several armies in addition to the city army. The leaders of each army still convene with one another to plan their strategies as an alliance, but retain their respective command structures on the field. The standard infantry is called a Fey Knight, while a mage is called a Twilight Incanter. Houses also deploy fellowships of highly trained and specialized warriors of their house to the field. The Shining Guard, Dragon Princes, and Phoenix Guard, are all highly efficient outside the formal struture of organized armies. Such groups are a combination of various skills provided by each warrior. It is said that providing a fellowship is the equivalent of providing one hundred Fey Knights. The usage of fellowship tactics has turned the tides of battles in the long line of Eladrin wars.

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