"Alone, Bael Turath represents civilization. The rule of law. We united kingdoms and peoples under one banner, one oath. If Bael Turath falls, thousands of years of history and progress fall with us." -Emperor Incerion Pelaios



Titled Ruler: House Pelaios

Governance: Hereditary Monarchy

Law: Feudalism

Economy: Slavery


Capitol: Vor Rukoth

Lands: Nerath, Zagraz Mountains, Alluria, Lefein, Prontera, Onrac, Zaron, Yunith

Common Folk: Mankind

Vassal Folk: Dwarves, GenasiThri-KreenMinotaursHalflings, Goliaths, Mogogol


After flourishing for an era as isolated neighbors, Nerath and the Dwarven Empire united into the Empire of Bael Turath under Emperor Aethax Pelaios following the War of Nerath. The Pelaios family became the Imperial bloodline, and ruled without fail until the Cataclysm. The Wizard of the Spire Garel-Kai, with the aid of the Spire, united Vor Rukoth, Vor Kragal, Harrack Unath, Maelbrathyr, Sarthel, Sutulak, and Monadhan, the great cities of Nerath, and then all the realms of the Empire, with arcane portals called Cullis Gates; artifacts which remained functional even into the fourth era.

The Empire of Bael Turath remained an unfailing hereditary monarchy over the course of fifty thousand years. While the early years of the empire saw noble houses of each race elevated to the Imperial Court, the men of Nerath drew more and more power to themselves. By the War of Ruin, only mankind held positions of power in the Imperial Court, and the dwarves, halflings, goliaths, and other races were all treated as vassals of the empire, if not outright slaves. While the Imperial Court held great power and influence over the empire, the emperor and the Imperial Family held the highest authority on everything. While each realm was ruled by a warden, the favor of the Imperial Court determined just how much authority and influence each warden held. 

As the most learned of all mortals in matters of arcana, the Wizards of the Spire made enchantment and artifice part of everyday life in the empire. The use of arcane power went primarily to improving the living standards of Turathi citizens. Prince Zeth of the Imperial Family observed how arcane power has benefited the people of Bael Turath. Many commodities, from scrying glass to airships, are very common in Bael Turath. A close second use of arcane power in Bael Turath is the development of arms and armor. In addition to forging enchanted engines of war, arcane power was applied directly to legionarres in order to keep them alive.

After the War of Nerath and the death of Queen-Regent Pyranika Synnaridia, the founding of the empire disbanded the armies of Nerath, the Dwarven Empire, Onrac, Prontera, Lefein, Alluria, and Yunith, and replaced them with the Imperial Legion. It also named the Knight Protectors of Nerath the guardians of the Imperial Family.

Yet until the War of Ruin, the Imperial Legion had little cause to mobilize for battle. Their numbers dwindled as the need for such a force dwindled. When the Empire of Arkhosia began the first invasion of the War of Ruin, the matter of reforming the Imperial Legion became a significant difficulty, and it was only by the support of the Order and the Steel Vanguard that the empire had time to form a force to fight the Arkhosians. The Imperial Legion made up most of the Turathi forces, which were led by the Knight Protectors of Nerath.

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