"They are small, but quick. Watch for their webs, and mind the mid-legs." -Storm



Homeland: Morragor


Entobian territory is populated mainly by larvites and matrons. There is no marriage and property is held communally. Ancestors are traced matrilineally. For the Entobians, the welfare of larvites is paramount. The ruling matron, or Entobian Queen, is called the Sun Scarab. Newly hatched Entobians are called larvites, and are held in the highest esteem by the entire community. Larvites are welcomed everywhere, from the temple to the training grounds.

There are adult Entobians in the territory, but most live near the Amatrophon, a menagerie at the edge of the polis. After metamorphosis, adult Entobians are encouraged to 'peregrinate,' a practice of wandering the world and seeking a home beyond that of their Entobian Queens. It is believed that matrons become heroes through martial training, while adult Entobians become heroes by finding their own way in the world.

Entobians have a nexus honoring each of the seasons and the accompanying planting rituals. There are no temples to gods in Entobian territory, but offerings to any god may be placed at these holy sites. Under each nexus is a starfield.

As conduits to other realms, the nexuses are a source of enchantment magic in this region. This phenomenon is called the Kelema Veil. Entobian oracles can decipher the Kelema Veil. It has been described as a misty starfield that flows across the land. Inside the starfield are images that resemble constellations. These tell stories of the gods and can be used to predict the future.

The Spring Nexus is in a lush garden behind the Sun Scarab's temple. Its form is that of an arch made of vines and flowers that never fade. The Spring Nexus is the source of the magic of abundance, summoning, and healing.

The Summer Nexus is in an ancient olive grove near the Bassara Tower. Dark green leaves form a canopy over the grove, and it is a favorite resting spot for the many animals who wander freely through the polis. Summer is seen a time of strength, and the Summer Nexus is a source of increased power.

The Autumn Nexus is in a golden-apple orchard along the Southern Ridge. A natural basalt arch leads into a narrow cave where a fire is kept burning at all times. The Entobians believe that it is divine fire that warms the earth enough for the autumn harvest, so people give offerings in hopes of an autumn bounty. The Entobian warriors pay homage here to the gods of war; they see honor and fear as equal parts in victory.

Winter is seen as a time of sleep and death. The Winter Nexus is at the far edge of Entobian territory in an old lion's den believed to predate the Entobians. The ancient den is in a small rocky cave below a burial mound. The cave is said to lead down to the underdark itself, and the smell of blood and decay hangs in the air. Here, Entobians make offerings to the goddess of death in hopes of sparing themselves grief or pain, or in remembrance of someone who has died.

There are four watchtowers in Entobian territory. Each is named for an animal, and each has a regiment of Entobian warriors attached to it. This limestone tower, Leina Tower, stands near the Temple of the Sun Scarab at the heart of Entobian territory and houses the community's protectors. They fight with double-edged axes and provide most of the martial training for the larvites.

This wooden tower, Hyrax Tower, stands on the ridge along Entobian's southern border. It is occupied by falconers and scouts. The regiment stationed in this tower, Bassara Tower, protects the Nistos Forest and watches for interlopers who enter without the Sun Scarab's permission. Bassara warriors are welcomed by the Sun Scarab and spend extended periods of time living among the ancient trees. During their training, they focus on archery and guerrilla warfare.

This tower, Ophis Tower, is hidden in a wild space near the temple of the Sun Scarab. It serves as a base for wandering warriors and spies who travel incognito to gather information for the Council of Warriors. They search out routes for 'peregrinations,' including sympathetic households who will mentor adult Entobians at the beginning of their journeys. Ophis warriors also seek lost and abandoned larvites and bring them back to Entobian territory.

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