"You’ll have to deal with me first, creature!" -Hammer

Identity Edit


Source: Martial. Fighters become masters of combat through endless hours of practice, determination, and their own sheer physical toughness.

Role: Defender. Fighters are very tough and have the exceptional ability to contain enemies in melee.

Implement: None.

History Edit

Fighters are among the world’s greatest warriors, having earned their status through hours upon hours of training and perfecting their fighting techniques. In battle, fighters hold the front line by slashing and striking in all directions, deflecting blows with shield or armor, and bashing anyone who dares take their focus from them. Fighters might be mercenaries, chasing after gold, thrill-seekers craving glory, nobles fighting for duty or honor, or brawlers throwing themselves into battle to experience the joy of combat.

Determination forms the core of nearly all fighters. It is what pushes them to hone their combat styles, what lets them endure the scrapes and bruises from sparring and actual fighting. Many fighters develop a distinctive style to set them apart from their peers. Sometimes these styles have roots in established traditions, while others grow organically from a variety of methods picked up during their travels.

Fighters are indispensable members of any community in which they are found. They rally the people and make a stand against the terrors stumbling out from the darkness on all sides. Some heroes rise from the ranks of common warriors, having the right mix of grit and courage to rise above the ordinary. Others have studied under masters, learning complex techniques they can bring to bear with great success. Once a fighter gets a taste of combat, adventure’s call is too seductive to resist, and many set out to bring the battle to foes in the field.

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