"Vengeance is mine." -Garrick



Race: Human

Class: Blood Hunter

Affiliation: Raven Guard


Growing up the son of a soldier in Chernin, Garrick lost his entire family to the undead when he was eight years old. Without any hesitation, Garrick swore his life to the Raven Guard. Based in Chernin, the largest and most powerful guild of Blood Hunters answered only to the high king and queen of the Inchorri Kingdoms, and their four orders took in young men like Garrick, conditioning and training them to hunt down and slay the monsters of the mortal realm.

While Garrick would have been welcome in the order of the lycan, the order of the mutant, or even the order of the profane soul, he was committed to the order of the ghostslayer. The oldest and most driven of the orders, they had rediscovered the secrets of blood magic and refined them for combat against the scourge of undeath. Garrick excelled quickly, and when he set out from Chernin at eighteen, with his sword Hatred and his hand crossbow Discipline, he thought he was ready for anything.

For thirty years, Garrick hunted the undead, and other abominable monsters, throughout the Inchorri Kingdoms. He earned himself a reputation as an unforgiving and merciless man, without pity or fear. He came to travel with a dwarf and an anumus, for a time, even journeying to far away Gildareth to fight the legion of darkness, darkhollow officers, and the scourge of time. When Garrick returned from his travels to Chernin, he learned that he was hand-picked to succeed the late Lord Marshal of the Raven Guard.