"Genasi are elementals, and all of us are potential sorcerers." -Garel-Kai



Homeland: Alluria


Genasi society is notoriously decadent. Ambition and arcane ability are the hallmarks of its ruling elite, the magisters. The magister lords rule Alluria, maintaining a tight hold over their people through the power to infiltrate their dreams using arcana. Though blood magic is now banned in Alluria, mages who practice it are quietly acknowledged as the most proficient dreamers and diviners. The ban is really a technicality; even the most lawful mages in Alluria know at least the basics.

The strata of Genasi society encompasses three unique levels. All common folk of Alluria who study arcana are considered part of the peasant social class. This class is allowed to own property and serve in Alluria's military, but they have no real power, and they are unable to attain a higher position in governance. Often they are found to be merchants. However, when a peasant becomes educated, they are allowed entrance into the vassal class and thus a higher social standing. In general, the peasant and ruling mage classes exist in a state of tension due to the inequality of their standing in Alluria.

The next highest social level is that of vassals, who are educated peasants or generational mages that have no link to the higher noble class. One third of the Archons throughout history have been vassals. Noble mages are believed to be descendents of the dreamers or magisters who possessed the ability to speak to the quori in Dal Quor. The quori are no longer objects of worship, but the descendents of these powerful mages are still held in esteem and often are the most influential mages in Alluria; indeed the majority of magisters are nobles. 

It is still legal to be sold into slavery in Alluria. Folk may also choose to sell themselves into slavery to provide for their families. Slave revolts have been a common occurrence throughout history. Slaves can only legally be set free before a judge, with the owner present to formally state the slaves have been granted freedom, or by the owner's will upon his or her death. These emancipated slaves are known as serfs, a subclass with limited rights who are not considered citizens. Serfs can study arcana or serve as an apprentice in trade. Serfs may also own property, but cannot join the military or have a say in governance.

The Hierarchy of the Silver Flame is the main religious organization in Alluria, replacing the abandoned worship of the quori. It is more accepting of arcana and allows men to join the priesthood. The Hierarchy of the Silver Flame accuses the quori instead of ancient magisters of creating the Spellplague.

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