"You live? The Gnolls must not have been hungry." -Storm



Homeland: Morragor


Reckless and unpredictable like their lands, the Gnoll take what they want when they want it, including power and dominance within the clan. There is no internal structure to this motley crew of fearsome combatants; they fight among themselves as often as against others. No matter what their target, the Gnoll strike with the brutality of lightning. Their speed and volatility are feared throughout Morragor.

Gnoll packs talk of the crave - a kind of reckless warrior spirit that spurs them to battle. They speak of it as a nagging itch, a sense of restlessness, an irresistible need to assert their dominance. It constantly grows within them, swelling to the point of frenzy in the presence of others. When they can no longer contain it, they rush into battle with only one goal: to spill blood.

Wherever the Gnoll packs go, they carry with them the harsh unpredictability of death. Feral and brutal, they enjoy the hunt and the kill more than the resulting meal. The same applies to the lands they seize from their neighbors. Once the assault is over and the land is theirs, the Gnoll lose interest. Often they will claim lands only to decimate them with wild fires, rendering them useless but for the pleasure of watching them burn.

Unlike the other races, Gnoll rarely speak. There is nothing they wishe to say that they cannot express with sudden acts of destruction. They pay little attention to others in their pack, only interacting to assert their dominance over one another. Despite their hostility toward their pack, the Gnoll revere their own predatory nature.

Gnoll warriors can display shrewd tactics on the battlefield, but they have no gift for managing long campaigns. Instead, they rely on swiftness to unbalance and overwhelm their foes. They often take to battle before dawn, streaking out of the hills in packs led by alphas, slamming into unprepared flanks or unsuspecting outposts.

The Gnoll do not seek to gain power over Morragor so much as to dismantle the power of others. Disrupting an enemy's plans, destroying an encampment, crushing a celebration - that counts as victory. The Gnoll pine for freedom, from civilization, from limits, from any form of honor or law.

The Gnoll pack has little internal structure beyond the basic principle of alphas at the front, and whatever temporary power can be seized in petty struggles for dominance. The alpha is a fearsome leader, using violence, cruelty, and unpredictability to keep the pack in line. The pack bolts across the landscape of Morragor, taking prey as needed. Individual Gnoll warriors follow alphas, but do not have official offices or rank.

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