"We're going to kill the last god." -Syken Pelaios



DM: Caleb

Preceeded by: War of Ruin

Succeeded by: Legacy of the Steel Vanguard


The epic finale to Traitors of Io, Godhunters begins twenty years after Selesnya devoured the gods and sealed off the planes. The mortal realm has become her plaything; fire is forbidden, the land is rotting, the sun is dark, and all that dies is returned as her undead. Though Selesnya is worshipped as a goddess by the common folk, Emperor Rurik has staged a secret war against her and her servants. Seeking the pieces of the astral sea that fell to the mortal realm twenty years ago, Rurik sends a fellowship of heroes deep into the territory of the undead. These godhunters must recover the Claw of Io, and wield its power against Selesnya in a struggle for life itself.

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