"It's so cute that you sometimes forget it can throw a better fireball than you can." -Emm



Homeland: Remnant


Homunculi are the automatons forged by Graven that are found on the forgotten plane of Remnant. They were created as research assistants and act out their roles without question. Even so, there is intelligence and emotion behind their silent, glowing eyes. Homunculi are able to communicate telepathically, and this is thought to derive from the materials used in their construction. While their bodies are forged of moonsilver, they are etched with orichalcum filligree in runic patterns. Their eyes are chips of moonstone, and may allow them to see through illusions. 

In the year 25,024 AC, an artificer of the Secret Academy of Rumor, Graven, set out to prevent the Warforged people from going extinct. Using his own mastery of artifice, and the collected arcane lore of Rumor, Graven forged a new animate construct, though it was vastly different from the Warforged created by the dwarves in eras past. This creation stood no taller than a halfling, and lacked the alchemical blood and dwarven soul that animated the Warforged, as well as the Living Gate shard which animated the Relluk. Graven called this creation his Homunculus, and imbued it with mighty arcane power.

Graven kept his Homunculi a closely guarded secret, and trusted not even the Mistress of Magic herself with knowledge of their being. Over the next ten years, Graven forged more than one hundred Homunculi, and hid them well in the boilerworks of Rumor. Nevertheless, in the year 25,035 AC, the lead wizard Zahar discovered the Homunculi and agreed to keep Graven's secret. However, in the year 25,045 AC, ten years later, the Mistress of Magic named Graven the lead artificer of Rumor, and he in turn revealed the three hundred Homunculi who would act as his assistants, in Rumor, on Remnant, and the planes beyond.