"The spice lords and the cheese kings. They fight with coins instead of swords." -Lord Leucis Pelaios



Titled Ruler: Lord of Castle Ezhelya

Governance: Hereditary Monarchy

Law: Feudalism

Economy: Serfdom


Capitol: Castle Ezhelya

Lands: Tēru Islands

Folk: Githzerai


Among the Tēru Islands are a group of feudal settlements united along the southwestern coast. They trade and interact frequently with Weser. There are significant differences between the geography of the various island cities, from the thick forests around Rohoq, to the rolling hills of Sovron, to the wooden villages of Sovaarb. Although the island cities are distinct, they share a common ancestry in the Githzerai bloodlines.

Some, like Sovaarb, have unique and independent cultures, while others, like Sotnep and Rym, share many cultural traits. Though all the island cities speak common, their dialects have changed the language so much that it is almost like nine different languages. The island cities have near-independent rule, largely left to their own whims to govern local affairs, though they look to Castle Ezhelya in times of crisis, which broadly set their foreign policy. 

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