"North of here, the road runs along the east fork of the Pike River, through fertile valleys and green woodlands, past thriving towns and stout holdfasts and the castles of the river lords." -Lord Mogogol Who Climbed



Titled Ruler: Lord of Castle Grandfather

Governance: Hereditary Monarchy

Law: Feudalism

Economy: Serfdom


Capitol: Castle Grandfather

Lands: Klinke

Folk: Mogogol


The floodplains and riverlands of Klinke are rich, fertile, and populous. The numerous rivers that run across their expanse are used for trading and the transport of goods. In times of peace, fisherfolk in skiffs and grain barges pole downstream and merchants on floating ships sail on the rivers. With so much trade on the rivers, villagers will haul their grain and other goods to it to see it sold and carried elsewhere by merchants. Wine can be made from small, tart grapes grown in the riverlands.

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