"My castle is an aged place. There are spells woven into the stones. Dark walls that no shadow can pass. Ancient, forgotten, yet still in place." -Lord Leucis Pelaios



Titled Ruler: Lord of Castle Pelaios

Governance: Hereditary Monarchy

Law: Feudalism

Economy: Serfdom


Capitol: Castle Pelaios

Lands: Klinke

Folk: Tieflings


Although it is rainy, the region is fertile enough to support its people. There are no cities in the stormlands due to the strong martial culture of the tiefling lords, but larger fortresses such as Castle Pelaios are often supported by several small towns. The Mourning Town is a thriving port on the Sea of Yunith. The road runs north from Castle Pelaios to Castle Grandfather, supporting trade between them. Perhaps the most notable of the ancient and most noble House Pelaios' holdings is the Arena of Chains. A massive colosseum nearly as old as Castle Pelaios itself, the Arena of Chains hosts pit fights between slaves for the amusement of the highborn nobles.

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