"The north is hard and cold. The north has no mercy, and the north remembers." -Lord Wallamin



Titled Ruler: Lord of Castle Uthal

Governance: Hereditary Monarchy

Law: Feudalism

Economy: Serfdom


Capitol: Castle Uthal

Lands: Thames 

Folk: Goliaths


The Goliaths are sometimes referred to as giants by seafolk and men of the south. Most of the Goliaths worship their ancestors and nature spirits, and have little inclination for the faiths of the south, though there are a few lesser houses who instead worship the gods. The constant cold and the iron grip of winter set apart the Goliaths from the people of the south. The Thames' terrain and climate do not easily yield the necessities of daily life. Goliaths are known as a straight-forward, hardy, tough breed who hold the comforts of the south in contempt. Goliaths place less of an emphasis on courtly ritual and culture. Their tournaments are often melees and rarely feature jousting. The Goliaths have long memories, and a lord who does not seek his rightful vengeance threatens to have his own men turn on him.

Some of the Goliaths live in remote, distant areas where they act as little more than clans and tribes. These remote folk are still vassals of the ancient and most noble House Uthal, however, and are allowed to maintain their own ways and traditions as long as they remain loyal to Castle Uthal.

Heraldry in the north is significantly simpler than that in the south, showing the lesser influence that chivalry has had there. Due to its religious aspect, most Goliaths refuse to take holy orders and thus cannot become knights, although there are some northern knights who still worship spirits instead of the gods. Mail is the most common armor found in the north, while plate is used more frequently in southern lands.

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