"My people are masters of secrets. We hear what is not meant to be heard; we see what is not meant to be seen. You cannot hide from us." -Akar



Homeland: Morragor


Meletis is the Kenku land of learning, magic, and progress. It is a city-state of progressive thinkers, pious thaumaturges, and wise oracles. Meletis was born from the defeat of tyranny, and to this day it retains a spirit of the triumph of free thought over brutish force. Kenku pride themselves on their great temples to the gods, their thaumaturgical academy, their great works of architecture, and for their Reverent Army.

Meletis sits on the coast, surrounded by rivers and vast, stepped grasslands. Fields of a cultivated type of barley called sitra provide sustenance to Kenku and their animals. Branches of the River Kheir splay out across the landscape, bringing fresh water and trade from distant villages.

The great temples of Meletis are testaments to the achievements of the civilized Kenku. Signs of architectural and academic achievement are everywhere. Even the streets of Meletis are formed of bricks of interlocking geometric shapes, demonstrating mathematical and mystical principles. The wildlands of Morragor feel distant, almost mythical, from inside the city's bounds. Meletis does suffer attacks from gnolls, bladelings, and larger monsters, but many Kenku have never seen in person any monster bigger or more exotic than a wolf.

Kenku are very concerned with the actions of the gods. Gods are regularly part of their language. Weaving magic is a time-honored tradition in Meletis; magic is seen as one of the greatest arts an artisan can master. The most accomplished mages are known as thaumaturges. Many Kenku mages received training at the Dekatia, including many thaumaturges, but one is not truly considered a thaumaturge until one has received a reward or other positive omen from the gods. For example, a mage might be considered a thaumaturge when Pelor grants her a spear of sunlight, or when she is granted a wild creative vision by Corellon.

Meletis is a polis of industry and building. Stonewise thaumaturges specialize in magic that erects and restores buildings and other such edifices. Stonewise mages are crucial to the Reverent Army when creating inland military outposts. The planes are of particular interest to Kenku scholars, and many study their use in magic. Some believe that the planes are simply abstract entities, such as numbers, concepts, and theories. Some formalists study magics that allow them to cause objects to disappear from physical reality. They say they are 'perfecting' real, necessarily flawed, concrete objects by transferring them to the realm of perfect, abstract entities.

Meletis is world renowned as the center of philosophical thought. Philosophers have special status here; they are often attended by servants so that they might spend more of their time debating, thinking, and teaching. The Twelve, a council of philosophers, serves as the ruling body of Meletis.

Meletis is defended by the Reverent Army, religiously trained soldiers who fight monsters and exalt the gods. The Kenku Reverents are not as fierce as gnolls nor as sturdy as bladelings, but they are clever and resourceful, and they believe their superior piety for the gods leads them to more success in battle.

Kenku soldiers are trained to manipulate the battlefield primarily through tactics rather than through physical strength. Their soldiers use clever ruses, unusual or rapidly changing troop formations, and even outright deception to score victories.

It's said that every Kenku soldier knows at least one spell. That may be an exaggeration that Kenku allow to circulate, but it is true that many Kenku soldiers could be considered low-level taskmages. Spells of healing, endurance augmentation, and battlefield trickery are often taught during soldier training.

Kenku know that the area that is now their city-state was once ruled by a dragon called Agnomakhos. Agnomakhos ruled with an iron fist for centuries, apparently immortal, outliving the generations of bladelings that he used as his soldiers and personal guard. Agnomakhos aggressively expanded his empire during his reign, spreading it as far as the forests to the north and the mountains to the east, imposing merciless order over the wilds wherever he went.

The legend goes that the god Erathis granted magic to the Kenku to help them overthrow Agnomakhos, cast out the bladelings, and free Meletis from tyranny. The Kenku who were victorious over Agnomakhos founded the enlightened polis of Meletis from the wreckage of Agnomakhos's empire. To this day, the bladelings remain hostile toward Meletis and do not engage in trade or dialogue.

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