"Long have the dragon lords offended us. Long have they treated my people as subjects to be ruled. No more. From this day unto the end of days, the Yuan Ti serve no master but their own." -King Wuth



Race: Yuan Ti

Class: Warlord

Affiliation: Najara the Kingdom of Snakes


Serpent King Wuth ruled over Najara, ancient kingdom of the Yuan Ti. Displeased with the authority the dragons exerted on their ally, Wuth nevertheless acted in accordance with ancient tradition, cooperating with the Empire of Arkhosia. However, when Alec QuinnCount GroddGorMariel, and Mariz Kad, the Heroes of Baldur's Gate, sought his audience, they proclaimed that the Kobolds who served the dragons were taking up arms against their masters. Wuth saw his opportunity to free his own people, and threw in his lot with Tahli