"Faith in Torm is the truth. All else is heresy." -Creed of the Knights of the Chalice



Era: Third

First: Thalia

Fealty: Kingdom of Istan

Distinctions: Sigil of the Chalice of Istan


The Knights of the Chalice are a temple army devoted to fighting demons, devils, and dragons, as well as practitioners of arcane, primal, and psionic powers. Motivated by a pious hatred of unholy fiends and all that falls outside Torm's authority, Knights of the Chalice learn scripture, philosophy, and the fine arts of swordplay to help them in their crusade.

Those who qualify for entrance into the Order of the Chalice are typically humans from Istan. Few others have the dedication to exorcising evil necessary for this calling. Knights of the Chalice are often lone swordsmen, maintaining only loose connections to their Order. Some gather fellowships around themselves for support. A Knight of the Chalice has few scruples where the hunting of evil is concerned.

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