"Immortality is at an end, parasite." -Leoendithas



Race: Dhampyr

Class: Fighter

Affiliation: Emissaries of Gloomwrought


A rare crossbreed with several of the powers of a vampire and none of the weaknesses, a dhampyr is thought to be born of the union of a vampire male and a mortal female. The truth is that such hybrids are far more common than many folk think. A dhampyr can result from a vampire biting a pregnant female, as well as through more mundane means. Some offspring carry the spark of immortality in their veins for years, until the kindling of fate gives the spark a place to catch. Leoendithas lost someone close to him and her death haunted him. He hoped to find the lost one’s soul through service to the Raven Queen.

With the innate ability to sniff out the undead, Leoendithas dedicated his life to the stalking and slaying of such abominations. Perhaps the calling of this vocation was passed down from his parents as a macabre tradition. More like vengeance had motivated him to slay the unliving. Regardless, Leoendithas turned his birthright into an asset that allowed him to protect those weaker than himself. He channeled his sharp perception into deadly accuracy and slippery maneuverability - both of which also served Leoendithas against the living.

The Raven Queen’s influence across the Shadowfell depends on trusted agents: those sorrowsworn and shadar-kai who make up the esteemed order of the Raven Knights. Charged with protecting the Raven Queen’s realm and safeguarding the Shadowfell from those who would pervert its dark power for dread purposes, they move with impunity across the plane, even going so far as to venture into distant worlds where they bring battle to the Raven Queen’s myriad enemies. To join this order, Leoendithas had worked to prove his worth and dedication to the deity and win a place among these guardians. His fate was to serve the deity as her chosen champion, but what better destiny could he choose after a life spent fighting in her name?

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