"Be swift and silent, strike true; do not waver. And let not your prey suffer." -Vir Tanadhal



Race: Elf

Class: Seeker

Affiliation: Kingdom of Eternia


A child of one of the nomadic dusk elf clans living in the Kingdom of Eternia, under Eladrin rule, Lucan grew up a tolerated nuisance in his own country. The high elves would deny the Ralaferin Clan entry into their villages and towns, and tax them exorbitantly for passing through their lands. Lucan was raised with the understanding that the high elves would take advantage of their wild elven kin at every opportunity, and though Lucan became the most skilled gloaming guardian of the Ralaferin Clan, he could not protect his family from their high elf lords.

In the year 49.790 AC, Lucan discovered a wounded high elven woman in the Lost Forest, and he brought her back to the Ralaferin Clan camp. The clan keeper worked healing magic to restore the high elven woman, who revealed her name was Illyriel. For many nights, Illyriel remained with the clan, telling Lucan that she would stay until they found a high elven community. Illyriel and Lucan grew close, and became lovers. However, one night, Lucan returned from hunting to find that the camp had been burned to the ground, most of the Ralaferin Clan killed, and Illyriel missing. 

Lucan tracked those responsible to the Underdark, seeking to rescue Illyriel and avenge his clan. Deep in the Underdark, however, Lucan discovered from the high elves Valenae and Riardon that the Drow had not yet begun their invasion of the surface. From the dark elves Ryltar and Shivra, Lucan learned that Illyriel had betrayed her own people before betraying the Ralaferin, and that she likely intended to betray the dark elves in time, all at the behest of her mysterious patron. Lucan swore to hunt Illyriel to the ends of the world, and avenge his people.