"Steady and silent as the deep current, the reejerey guides the course of the school." -Grigore



Homeland: Undersea Kingdom


The fish-tailed folk of the Mortal Realm are called merfolk. They are the couriers, intermediaries, and merchants of the sea. Given the fishlike anatomy of their lower half, they can't move effectively on land without strong magic. However, they control and maintain the so-called Water Ways, the system of rivers that crisscrosses the Mortal Realm and connects its furthest-flung points. The Ways extend over land via rivers and streams, underground via subterranean tunnels, and even up into the town centers of other races via wells.

The deepest parts of the subterranean rivers of the Ways are called the Dark Meanders. Most merfolk steer clear of the Meanders due to the lack of light and the ease with which one can get lost. Experienced mermaid "rudders" can guide one through these murky areas, but be aware that some have lost their possessions and even lives while traversing these inky depths.


Merrow society is organized into schools, and each school is led by a reejerey. The schools known at this writing include the Silvergill, the Stonybrook, the Paperfin, the Weirwinder, and the Inkfathom Schools. Of these, the Inkfathom School is the most interested in plumbing the Dark Meanders—seek out a member of this school if one wish to go exploring those areas of the Ways.

Merfolk have many different occupations and avocations, and the system of terminology is very important to them, so it's best to study up before your visit. A rudder is a mermaid guide who knows the Ways like the back of his scaly hand. Tideshapers and aquitects are mermaid mages adept in water magic, who use their abilities to reinforce riverbanks, guide currents, or even alter the course of the Ways altogether. Troutherds and crawherds manage schools of river trout and beds of crawfish, respectively. A landspanner is a mermaid able to leap from one waterway to another one nearby; expert landspanners can hunt large land game this way—or patrol merfolk territory for intruders—with spears and spiked nets. A fallowsage is a wise elder mermaid, many of whom find comfort in the dappled shade of riverside willow trees. A wellgabber is an envoy who uses a well to communicate with members of other races.

Talkative and quick-witted, merfolk can dominate conversation. The voices of merfolk are steady, mellifluous, and rich with harmonics, and merfolk are so well-traveled that any is sure to have excellent tales to tell. Be careful that you don't listen too long to a wellgabber, however—merfolk are known to weave glamers into their speech, which can prove quite influential to the unsuspecting listener. Some travelers have lost fortunes just by stopping to gossip with the clever merfolk.

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