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The Mortal Affairs wikia is a reference tool for the Thursday Knights dungeons and dragons role-playing gamer group. Take a moment to browse through our campaigns, or our shared multiverse timeline to familiarize yourself with our story so far. We have pages to keep track of the history of our races, classes, and characters, as well as for items, organizations, and settings. Looking for where we got our start? Check out our first campaign, Oathkeepers of Yunith. Or jump right in with our current campaign below!

The Age of Pain Edit


The Age of Pain campaign and storyline take place in a holy city called Gildareth. One of only a few holy cities left, Gildareth stands against a force of hate and unholy power known as the Legion of Darkness which is led by the Generals Thumen and Phaedon. It is believed that the Generals serve a greater power, but in dark times people create darker rumors and only further bind themselves to a fate they make.

Miss something? Read up on the previous campaign, Shadows Over Ravenloft.

Latest activityEdit

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