"So... That's it? We're finished?"

"No. I think we're just getting started." -Morgnan and R'Dajee Marr



DM: David

Preceeded by: N/A

Succeeded by: Traitors of Io


The story that started it all... Oathkeepers of Yunith begins with the shocking murder of Arannis, prince of House Shanairra and captain in the heroic Crimson Crows guild. On a quest to avenge their beloved captain, R'Dajee Marr, Alryn, and Morgnan will encounter mad wizards, compete in the gruesome Arena of Chains, unite alongside Mogogol Who Slayed the Dragon, and lead the armies of the Ezhelya Alliance against the awesome might of the Pelaios Pact. But victory rings hollow when a deception at the heart of the War of Yunith challenges everything these heroes hold dear...

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