"At this point, no one cares if the orcs had, have, or could have a culture, or society, or some semblance of civilization. They are the monsters we can see, and that is all we see." -Rangrim



Homeland: Nerath


The savage orc clans range in the wild places of the world. Many orc warriors and shamans have come to occupy the Rubblebelt, a broken thread of war-ruined land and settlements that begins near the outskirts of Paliano, the High City. Warfare among the orcs is constant and almost ritualistic; the orcs believe that only the strong should survive and rule. The orcs are the most anti-civilization and disenfranchised of all of the races, and as such are the most ill at ease in a world oft ruled by law.

Though no orc clan leader has ever managed to dominate or unify all the clans, one is spoken of in reverential tones: Sek'Kuar. An unusually massive orc and the savage leader of the Scab Clan, Sek'Kuar is said to be favored by Gruumsh. Sek'Kuar has defended his position as the orc's mightiest clan leader for several decades now and has killed many upstarts. But though he’s still an extraordinary warrior, Sek'Kuar is beginning to show his age. The challenges to his leadership have become more frequent and his victories more narrow.

Skarrg, the Reunion Turf. In the gutted, cratered remains of a massive palace, a great bonfire burns, marking a place of tradition for the orcs. Skarrg is not exactly neutral ground for the orc clans, as no truce is called, and old grudges tend to lead quickly to bloody combat. But orc clans periodically converge on Skarrg. Giant boars are roasted and great battles are fought, and here the orcs find something akin to camaraderie.

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