"It is chivalry which makes a true knight, not a sword. Without honor, a knight is no more than a common killer. It is better to die with honor than to live without it." -Valandra



Era: Third and Fourth

First: Emperor Adelbern the 1st

Fealty: Kingdom of Kryta

Distinctions: Silver armor with griffon motiff


Founded in 49,900 AC in the Kingdom of Kryta, the Knights of Morgnan exemplified the ideals of honor, loyalty, and skill in battle. Tradition dictated that in preparation for his future as emperor, a prince of Kryta should be trained as the leader of this order of royal knights, in order to learn leadership, courage, and chivalry. Many citizens of Kryta and Istan claimed that Kryta owed its success as a kingdom to the traditions of the Knights of Morgnan.

The knights remained a major force in Kryta even after the fall of the kingdom, and into the early parts of Selesnya's reign. The order finally came to an end when Emperor Rurik entrusted the last of his knights to the immortal Lord Mogogol, who lead them in a desparate attack on Selesnya's forces in 50,010 AC. The Knights were slaughtered, and Lord Mogogol was impaled on a dozen spears on the gates of Ascalon.

Instead of rebuilding the Knights of Morgnan, Rurik replaced them with the Knights of Mogogol in 50,013 AC. The Knights of Mogogol followed Rurik in the Final Battle of Ascalon in the year 50,015 AC. They served the new King of Kryta, Marrduk, in the dawn of the fourth era. 

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