"I am the righteous shield of the gods and a sword in their hallowed service! I fear no evil!" -Borgia Ahmet

Identity Edit


Source: Divine. Paladins are divine warriors, crusaders and protectors of their faiths.

Role: Defender. Paladins are extremely durable, with high constitution and the heaviest armor. They can issue bold challenges to foes and compel them to fight the paladin rather than their allies.

Implement: Holy symbols.

History Edit

Paladins are indomitable warriors who’ve pledged their prowess to something greater than themselves. Paladins smite enemies with divine authority, bolster the courage of nearby companions, and radiate as if a beacon of inextinguishable hope. Paladins are transfigured on the field of battle, exemplars of divine ethos in action. 

To paladins is given the responsibility to unflinchingly stand before an enemy’s charge, smiting them with their swords while protecting their allies with sacrifice. Where others waver and wonder, paladins motivation is pure and simple, and their devotion is their strength. Where others scheme and steal, paladins take the high road, refusing to allow the illusions of temptation to dissuade them from their obligations. 

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