"Fear not death, my friend, for the Raven Queen is glad to meet you on the other side." -Petroar



Race: Revenant

Class: Paladin

Affiliation: Emissaries of Gloomwrought


Most of the time, death is the end of the story, but sometimes it’s another beginning. A revenant arises not as an aimless corpse of a life lost but as the embodiment of a lost soul given new purpose. Such a creature walks in two worlds. Though the revenant moves among the throngs of the living, it has a phantom life - a puppet mockery of the existence its soul once knew. The revenant is an echo haunted by the memory of itself. A dark priest cursed Petroar with undeath, preventing him from ever knowing the peace he had earned. Trapped between two worlds, Petroar despised his fate as a revenant, and he concealed his unsettling appearance.

Death represents not an end but a transition. It held no fear for Petroar beyond the concern that it would cause him to miss opportunities to serve the Raven Queen. While he draw breath, Petroar sought to help others with death, whether by comforting a mourner or helping someone find his or her way beyond. Petroar did not fear his own death, but his friends were another matter. He saw in their deeds the hand of fate, and it was his duty to protect them until their deaths served providence. Though he didn't know how it would all end, when his soul went to meet the Raven Queen, Petroar did not regret how he served her.

Death is the natural course for all things, from the lowly insect to the mightiest of gods. It is not an end, of course, but a beginning - the first step onto the road into the unknown. For Petroar, death offered little fear or concern because he was confident that the Raven Queen would shepherd him to whatever fate his long service had earned. This comfort and understanding formed the cornerstone of his beliefs, and he carried this message wherever he went, consoling the grieving or speeding those who deserved to meet the Raven Queen on their way.

The Marshals of Letherna are given command over the upper echelons of the Raven Queen's entourage, facing down the threats to her power and to the cosmic balance she upholds. Petroar stood on the battlements of that great fortress, raining his deity's blessings down on the demons, godlings, and elemental forces that crashed against Letherna's gates. When the time came to finally put down the threats against the god of death, Petroar led the strike force. Of all the dangers to Letherna, none rank higher than Orcus, Demon Prince of Undeath. His ultimate goal is to sit on the Raven Queen's throne, subverting the natural order so that every creature that dies becomes undead. As Petroar defended his dark mistress, a confrontation with Orcus was all but inevitable.

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