"I can bend the desires of mortals and immortals to my will." -Cerul

Identity Edit


Source: Psionic. Psions direct psionic energy from within their own mind, focusing that power through meditation and contemplation. Their magic works on the minds of others or manifests their will as a physical force in the world.

Role: Controller. Psions can mentally influence the actions of their foes, and they can toss their enemies around the battlefield with psionic force.

Implement: Orbs and staves

History Edit

Psions are the quintessential manipulators of psionic power. Psions unleash the potential locked within every conscious mind, move objects with just a thought, and assume command of even the least desire of their foes. Psions make manifest their secret wishes when others can only dream.

They know the mental pathways that lead to amazing edifices of altered reality. Psions could be brash human youths flush with their mental ability's first flowering, tattooed cenobites enrolled in a secret psionic academy, fey enchanters using ancient techniques to beguile their foes, or perhaps specially trained inquisitors who learned one secret too many.

A flare of mental energy warms them, the thoughts of friends and foes glitter like stars all about them, and their thoughts themselves are weapons half sheathed. If a god can reshape the world and they can enthrall a god, what does that make them?

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