"Queen takes queen. Game over." -Queen Mab



Race: Archfey

Class: Witch

Affiliation: Unseelie Court, the Winter Court


Mab and her twin sister Tiandra have ruled the Feywild together at least since the foundation of the Dwarven Empire. Where Tiandra is full of passion and ruled by her emotions, Mab is the undisputed master of cunning and the embodiment of cold reason. Her demense is the Vale of the Long Night, and her seat of power is the Fortress of Frozen Tears. Her followers among the Fey were once called Moon Elves, and today her kingdom is known as the Winter Court.

As the War of Ruin wound toward the close, at the end of the first era, Queen Mab began a plot to murder her twin sister Tiandra and take over the Feywild herself. Convincing Tiandra to involve the Fey in the mortal War of Ruin, ambassadors from both the Empire of Arkhosia and the Empire of Bael Turath were invited to Shinaelestra to win the support of the Fey. While the Avatar of Io spoke on behalf of Arkhosia, the Heroes of Baldur's Gate spoke on behalf of Bael Turath. In secret, Mab also rescued a mortal woman from death and bound a shard of the Winter Wellspring to her soul, making her the first Winter Knight. 

After tricking Grodd, Wizard of the Spire, and Gor, Dragon Slayer, into binding their fates to Winter, thus making them the first Winterbound, Mab sent the heroes to Shadowfell to retrieve the Raven Queen's personal weapon, the Athame. When the heroes returned, Mab declared them no longer Winterbound, and announced that the true war had begun. Mab commanded her Moon Elves to cut down the Sun Elves and Tiandra at midnight, using the tool of death herself to overcome her twin sister.

On the hour of Mab's victory, as she closed on Tiandra, Count Grodd spilled his corrupted blood on the Athame, which had become an anchor between the Feywild, Shadowfell, and the Astral Sea. This corruption spread to each of these realms, unraveling the glamour of the Feywild, reversing death in Shadowfell, and bringing wilderness and death to the Astral Sea. As the Feywild unraveled, many Moon Elves escaped to the Mortal Realm, calling themselves Drow (Dark Elves) in her memory. Though legends persist that Mab escaped, official records maintain that Mab died with the Feywild. 

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