"There is no sanctuary on all the planes that can save you from me!" -Quentin



Race: Human

Class: Sha'ir

Affiliation: None


In a remote village in Kryta, the boy Quentin grew up hearing the call of far away worlds. Hearing the stories of the Wizards of the Spire in ages past, Quentin knew that he was destined to become a wizard himself, and he set out at twelve years of age to become a mighty wizard. For two years, he traveled the wilds and far away places in the kingdom, before learning of the Spiral Tower in Eternia. Quentin stowed away on a ship, and sailed to Eternia.

But the eladrin wizards of Eternia would not accept a human for instruction, and sent him away. Quentin was preparing to break into the Spiral Tower when he was approached by a mysterious mage, who invited him to the secret academy of Rumor, if he could reach it. For the next year, Quentin scoured the kingdom looking for clues, and finally sailed into the Sea of Rakash, and found the planar rift into Remnant. Here, Quentin was welcomed as a student at Rumor, and instructed as a wizard.

It was at Rumor that Quentin first learned of dragonmarks: magic sigils in the draconic language found at birth. Quentin became fascinated with the dragonmarks, and studied all the lore assembled on them. The sha'ir Lord Searil believed that dragonmarks held secrets of the dead god Io, and Quentin became obsessed with finding a dragonmark and unlocking its secrets. He succeeded in finding one dragonmarked Genasi, and stole his dragonmark.

Quentin learned of a second dragonmark, on an Istani man living in Kryta named Karsus. Yet when he went to take the warlock's dragonmark, he was interrupted by the Emissaries of Gloomwrought, who rescued Karsus and transported him to Gloomwrought. Quentin, undeterred, gathered three elementals: Mai-sal the Waking Sea, Kaddim-sul the Living Mountain, and Nari-lana the Phoenix. The four of them assaulted Gloomwrought to retrieve Karsus, but they were foiled.

Recognizing that he would need greater power to overcome the Emissaries of Gloomwrought, Quentin sacrificed his three elementals to Julia the Phoenix. She joined him on the final assault of Gloomwrought, though the outcome of the battle remains unknown, and only Julia the Phoenix was ever seen again.