"We kneel to no emperors, we bow to no gods, we heed no masters, and we are bound by no laws. Let that message strike fear in the hearts of our enemies." -Verna



Era: Second

First: Verna

Fealty: None

Distinctions: None


In the year 49,985 BC, a monster the likes of which had never been seen in Bael Turath before razed the city of Voltan. Knight-Vigilant Traya Zannifer commanded three Knight Protectors of Nerath to hunt the monster down and slay it. Independently, Archmage Garel-Kai ordered three Wizards of the Spire to capture the monster, and return it to the Spire for study, and Archpriest Amgetoll Ivo sent a cleric and two paladins to defend the other nearby villages. 

The monster fell upon the wizards before they reached Voltan, devouring the two senior mages. First Mage Aos Si escaped, and made it to the city. As the knights prepared for their siege of the monster's lair in the Twin Hills, gouts of flame consumed two of them, and the survivor, Wil, lost his griffon, though he was able to walk back to Voltan. While protecting the Voltan survivors, the paladins were killed, leaving the cleric Baern to tend to the wounded. A local treasure hunter and thief, Verna, revealed to Wil, Baern, and Aos Si, that she knew of a secret passage through the Twin Hills into the dragon's lair. Together, the four ambushed the monster who called himself Draco, and they slayed him.