"We may be dark elves, but in our hearts we're still elves. And we're damn good at what we do." -Ryltar



Race: Drow

Class: Melee-Magthere Champion

Affiliation: Kingdom of Eternia


First son of the Queen of the Drow, Ryltar was nonetheless a male child born into a strictly matriarchal society. Ryltar was hated by his mother and his elder sister when they chose to acknowledge him at all. And though he was expected to amount to nothing, Ryltar spurned the expectations of his family, and became the black sheep of the royal family. Flaunting his marginal protection as a royal, Ryltar got into every kind of trouble imaginable, eventually resulting in his exile.

Without a look back, Ryltar set out into the depths of the Underdark. On the first night, Ryltar discovered that his younger sister Shivra, the sorcere adept, had followed him into exile. Together, the brother and sister made for the surface, but not before discovering a plot by the Eladrin warlock Illyriel to murder the Queen of the Drow. Ryltar and his sister Shivra joined the elf Lucan and his companions Valenae and Riardon to thwart Illyriel and save their mother, in spite of their exile.