"I know of a city full of magical treasure, untouched by looters, just waiting for the right people to claim it. Interested?" -Gilmore



DM: David

Preceeded by: Crimson Crows

Succeeded by: The Age of Pain


Deep in a fallen kingdom, hidden in a cursed wood, an isolated fishing village has fallen victim to a series of attacks, and in response, they have called for adventurers to save them. Shadow Company, fleeing trouble in their native Serault, answer the call. Hunting the fearsome monster in the cursed wood leads these heroes to a mysterious cult operating out of the village, and a traveling wizard who will take them to the long-lost necropolis known as Barovia. Along with the Banefire Company misfits, Shadow Company must brave the Death House, invade the Forsaken Fortress, and descend into the Tomb of Horrors, before confronting the ancient evil in Castle Ravenloft.

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