"The spirits surround us, guide us, and hold all the knowledge of the world." -Samantia

Identity Edit


Source: Primal. The spirits of the natural world give shamans power and manifest on their behalf.

Role: Leader. Shaman spirit companions bolster and heal their allies, and shamans can evoke other spirits to aid their allies and debilitate their foes.

Implement: Totems.

History Edit

Shamans are inspiring and dangerous battle leaders. They command powerful spirit guides, and through them lead their allies. These nature spirits bolster their allies’ attacks and offer protection and healing when needed.

In a rite of passage or initiation, shamans pledge themselves to the spirits, to be their voice and hands in the world. Through ancient song and sacred ceremony, shamans call powerful spirit companions to their sides. The primal spirits of nature affirm their will, guide the actions of their allies, and deal mighty attacks against their foes. Shamans might be venerable advisers to tribal leaders, young travelers seeking to bring tales of a wider world back to their people, or scholars devoted to the pursuit of nearly forgotten lore.

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