"Trust is foolish." -Drow Proverb



Race: Drow

Class: Sorcere Adept

Affiliation: Lolth


Second daughter of the Queen of the Drow, Shivra knew that she would always be a threat to her older sister's rule, and so took on the role of sorcere adept to preserve her own life. As a student of the arcane, Shivra had no claim to the crown, and so she avoided assassination in her youth. As she grew older, however, Shivra's ambitions grew along the expected paths, and she began to covet the crown that her mother would give to her sister. And so Shivra plotted to use her brother Ryltar to kill the present and the future Queens of the Drow, leaving her the only heir.

However, Ryltar was cast out before her plans could come to fruition. Shivra knew that she needed Ryltar to defeat her mother and sister, and so she followed him willingly into exile. On the first night, Shivra was discovered by her brother, and though he warned her to return home, she stubbornly remained, claiming that unlike their mother and sister, she loved him. Together, the sister and brother made for the surface, but not before discovering a plot by the Eladrin warlock Illyriel to murder the Queen of the Drow. Shivra and her brother Ryltar joined the elf Lucan and his companions Valenae and Riardon to thwart Illyriel and save their mother. And perhaps find redemption along the way...

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