"You call them Lizardfolk. They are more independent and individual than any other race in Arkhosia, and for it, the dragons enslaved them." -Avatar of Io



Homeland: Athas


In the hissing wastes of Athas, the Ssurran possess a crocodilian form. They form self-organized groups referred to as thrashes. The Ssurran are warriors that have survived in the hissing wastes by using three tactics: ferocity, brutality, and savagery. The Ssurran settle in the highest portions of ruins and ambush foes with a flurry of arrows from above. Others regard the Ssurran as skulkers and cowards, but all are cautious when entering areas with elevated ruins. The home ground of the Ssurran is ths hissing wastes; an area at the center of Athas that has many large and ancient structures that have somehow remained standing amid the sands for many generations.

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