The Cursed One Edit

Tall and commanding was the adventuring party's leader. He conquered territory after territory astride a pure black horse named Varruckt. He and his steed traveled with a group known as the Night-Striders who would seek vengeance and justice on those deserving on the mid-night hour of every full moon. Lord Ralekos was his name. He was brave, fearsome, and commanding, when he stood amongst men they could feel the weight of his presence crushing down upon their shoulders and almost forced them to kneel before him.

One fateful night, the Lord was traveling with his companions across a narrow river in Beladonin when he came to a blood ritual of some kind. The witchcraft that was taking place there could be felt kilometers around and was supposedly to be bringing some evil spirit into the world. The company thew themselves into a fight not knowing the power of the craft, nor the power they were brining into this world. The company fell except for two men. The Lord Ralekos, and his closest friend, David Clemence.

The fight was done, but the battle was just beginning. Lord Ralekos was touched by an ancient blade of unknown origins and corrupted his soul. He was becoming a part of what was being erected at the ritual, and there was not a cleric powerful enough to expel the black magic that sank deep within him.

Doom Knight

Now, the strider has become a creature of incredible power. His very touch, enough to turn the bodies of his foes into dust and echoes of lost, wasted life. It is said that his touch does not just kill his enemies, but completely destroys their souls in the process, leaving nothing but a pile of oblivion that was once a man. He has brought endless terror to the world and now seeks to make a bridge between worlds to claim those lands as his own.

For now, his homeland lies in black ruins. He stands sombre admits the remnants of a war fought in vein, the fall of divinity and the aftermath of heresy has permanently scarred the land.

In the absence of the sun, he stands unopposed by any mortal, even the Gods know that his destruction has salted that plane of existence and have forsaken it for that fact. He has truly laid waste to all that this world has to offer and seeks passage to the next for a single purpose. To bring death and despair.

"Free your minds and surrender your souls to me! I have taken your home, your family, your God! I am all that will exist in this realm, and dimensions will soon see my hate. They will cower in fear, they will ALL flee! But not the thickest steel, not your petty shrines will save you now. Step into the void and embrace my emptiness, I am your God now." - The Cursed One

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