"The Spire is the center of all arcane study in the mortal realm. The first arcane order, the Wizards of the Spire, have worked such powers here as you cannot fathom." -Vergil Lucan



Built by the Genasi in Alluria, the Spire is the most powerful arcane artifact in the mortal realm. Constructed of jade, bound in silver, and sealed with lyrium, the Spire is the conduit of all arcane power in the mortal realm. During the War of Nerath, the Wizards of the Spire declared for Queen-Regent Pyranika Synnaridia, and fought against the Pelaios Accord.

Aethax Pelaios and Garel-Kai, Wizard of the Spire, infiltrated the Spire and defeated Archmage, winning the allegiance of the Wizards of the Spire. During the War of Ruin, the Spire sent most of its mages to fight for the Empire of Bael Turath, leaving only a handful of mages to train apprentices. After the Cataclysm, Aemon, Wizard of the Spire, built his own replica of the Spire in Yunith. 

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