"It's been the home of the Wizards for the longest time. You should see the library we have there." -Garel-Kai



The Spire was located atop of a tall ice formation that was not connected to the city of Rathir in Alluria. The only way to reach the school was an ancient bridge that connected from the mainland, on the western end of the city. The Spire was centered around a square with a pool of aether streaming out into a pillar and large statue of a young Kirin Tor. The main hall was called the Hall of the Elements, where many students practiced their skills. Above the Hall was the Arcanaeum, a vast collection of books that dated back to the first era. The Hall of Countenance and the Hall of Attainment were where the students and teachers lived respectively. Underneath the Spire was the Midden, a dungeon where many members went to perform experiments.


The Spire was located just outside the city of Rathir in Alluria. The walls of the Spire formed a circular area, outside the main city walls. The layout consisted of a single circular wall, surrounding an open grassy area with the main Spire situated precisely center in the middle of the area.

The Spire's key distinguishing feature was the cone-shaped addition at the top, which housed the Arcane Orrery. The Spire also contained the savants' council chambers, and at the lowest level, a small lobby. The lobby was the only section of the Spire open to the public.


The majority of the Spire grounds were located behind a thick wall, and were off-limits to visitors. The Spire rested precisely in the center of this wall, atop a raised walkway. Large silver gates extended out from the tower along the walls, and would only open for Wizards of at least neophyte rank. Non-members are permitted into the Spire lobby, where a few Wizards were usually found, but could not exit into the Spire grounds or Orrery.

The walls around the outside of the Spire housed a number of buildings, most of which were two stories with basements. There was a small watchtower near the back of the Spire, shorter than those in the city proper, which was home to the guardian Wizards patrolling the Spire grounds.