"A world without Thomiir scarcely bears thinking about." -Finn



Race: Dwarf

Class: Cleric of Pelor

Affiliation: Banefire Company


Third Era Edit


A child born to Bownammar, the dwarven City of the Dead, Thomiir grew up in a city under siege. Less than five miles away, the mysterious Mass Grave loosed an endless horde of well-armed and armored undead that would wander the Deep Roads until reaching Bownammar, and attacking the city. Thomiir was instructed in the Order of Hammer, an ancient dwarven brotherhood of holy warriors and slayers of the undead, and joined in the defense of his city when he was thirteen years old.

Fighting the walking dead for the better part of four years, Thomiir wielded divine wrath as a cleric of Moradin. That was when a cabal of five necromancers found the Mass Grave, and enslaved the undead there, leading them in an organized invasion of Bownammar. Thomiir was ordered to lead the children and the elderly out of the city as the rest of the Order of Hammer made a last stand. Yet as Thomiir reluctantly led the civilians to safety, they were overtaken by the undead, and only Thomiir survived. Wandering the Deep Roads lost and alone, Thomiir found his way to the surface and looked on the sun for the first time in his life.


The loss of Bownammar, the Order of Hammer, and his charges left Thomiir's faith in Moradin broken. The dwarven cleric found new purpose in life as a priest of the sun god Pelor, a wandering healer and warrior; a mercenary. During this time, Thomiir was chosen by Pelor to champion his cause in a conflict against Orcus, the Demon Prince of Undeath. Thomiir and a band of adventurers walked the Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia and looked on the gods, and they descended into the pits of hell and confronted horrors unspeakable.

After that party of adventurers disbanded, Thomiir joined with the wizard Finn and the swordsman Pel, and together they created Banefire Company. Thomiir would confront the undead once more when he fought alongside Shadow Company in Barovia against the Black Hand, and yet again years later in Starag.