"I am the daughter of Tiandra, and I shall prevail." -Valenae



Race: Winterkin (Eladrin)

Class: Warpriest of Corellon

Affiliation: Kingdom of Eternia


Born in Allemantheia in the year 49.690 AC, the Winterkin Valenae grew up in the Kingdom of Eternia just as the high elves were reaching the height of their influence and power. Training to fight as a Sarifal Feywarden from childhood, Valenae prepared for over a hundred years to one day stand for Eternia. Yet in the year 49,740 AC, the Sidhe Lord Riardon invited her to serve his house, and Valenae accepted the gracious offer.

Riardon warned Valenae that Eternia intended war against the Kingdom of Avathar, and that it would be a mistake. The truth threat would come from the Underdark, and the Drow who dwelt there. Valenae trained under Riardon to become a warpriest of Corellon, studying the holy ways to fight Lolth's darkness. Now a Seldarine dedicate, Valenae followed Riardon and his house in their quest to the Underdark, seeking to cripple the dark elves and prevent them from threatening Eternia ever again in the year 49.790 AC.

Instead, she found the wild elf Lucan, and accompanied him on the now-legendary quest to defeat the warlock Illyriel.